Do me a favour-STOP ASSUMING.

As soon as a girl walks in the room with a tshirt and shorts on, mind you, in which she is totally comfortable, you ASSUME that she is a slut. You ASSUME that it is okay to touch her, to tease her.
You call a girl a slut, a whore-why? Because of her clothes? It’s her body. Its her choice. It’s her decision. A girl does not dress up for guys. She does it for the satisfaction it gives her. It makes her confident  but certainly, you have a problem with it. Something as trivling as clothes cannot define a person.
When will you understand that you don’t have the right to judge her or anybody for that matter.  I am literally sick of being judged and I am pretty sure everyone reading this is too.
You know what? The society sets up the stereotypes-we let them.
A guy likes blue and a girl likes pink. ?
Guys dont cry. ?
A real man has a beard. ?
Girls who abuse are very indecent and if a guy does it he is macho. ?
The list goes on.
You can not “assume” things like that about a person. You have never talked to them, but you still assume.
Do me a favour- STOP ASSUMING.


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