Never trust a mirror.

Never trust a mirror for it always lies. It makes you think that all your worth is defined by a mere reflection of how you look. It only shows your skin deep.

What about how your eyelids flutter when you are too sleepy to sit in the class or how your eyes shine when you talk of something you love or how you get excited and  jump around when you are happy. How people can’t do anything but smile when they see you doing what you do. Something as artificial as a mirror cannot contain your beauty.
Just because the society tells you that thin is pretty and dimples are cute doesnt mean you are not beautiful.  Every peice of your existence is beautiful. And is needed. Please don’t ever feel that way again. Just because of a bad hair day or sleepy eyes -they don’t mean a thing when compared to how beautiful you are within.
Don’t let the society make you bitter.
Never trust a mirror for it is just a reflection of your skin and if you think that is what defines you, darling, it’s time you look within.❤


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