Unapologetically you.

I remember growing up as that girl who was taller than most of the guys in her class. I remember being teased for it. At that time,I did not have anyone to tell me that there is nothing wrong with it you know,its a plus point actually. It forced me to not wear heels, or do anything that would make me look different than everyone around me.
I wanted to be a part of the group. Scared to stand out. The mob. But why?
One of my friends, she is thin. Being told she is toooo thin. Another friend,she is a bit healthy. Being told she is tooo fat. What is it? What is it that they want? We will never know.  I did not have anyone to tell me this-
Wether you are thin or fat or tall or short or whatever they tell you. They will always have something for you. No matter what you do,something is always going to be there for them to point out. If you keep these things aside what stays is who you are and what you want to be. For darling,these things will keep changing with the sets of time but your inner self would be the same. Who you are-no one should want to change it,including youself.


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