​Let me be clear here- It does not matter what a girl is wearing. It is her body, it is her choice. She is not dressing up for guys, she is doing it for the satisfaction, comfort and confident it gives her but certainly, you have a problem with it. A woman’s choice of clothes is not the reason for her being molested and really there’s no reason what so ever. Forget clothes.  Read this-

If women are out at night celebrating festivity like everyone else is a reason for their molestation and harassment even when they were wearing jeans and it is something that is “bound to happen” then it is out of my range to understand.
I hear people telling young girls, girls like me, to NOT wear shorts or deep necks or anything that shows a little skin, NOT to travel at night alone but why isn’t anyone telling our boys to keep their fucking hormones to themselves?
I am deeply sorry to say but everytime you have told me that “all men are not the same”  isn’t going to matter anymore. Incidents like these are so frequent and strong that it simply doesn’t matter anymore. If people like these are amongst us, and you are pretending as if nothing ever happened, forget guys I am ashamed to say that even girls find it not such of a big deal. The chapter is not just closed like that. We are supposed to “forgive him and forget it”.  It’s no longer about clothes, it’s no longer about travelling at night. It’s comes to fucking consent. No woman, no human, no living thing is supposed to be treated like that.
Our women are being raped, molested, murdered, burnt alive and this is not just something that “happens” or just some “incident” because it simply shouldn’t. 
But then again it’s just some girls who had to be taught a lesson and these things are something that are bound to happen when girls wear what they want to or when they want to. We should let it go. Shouldn’t we?


6 thoughts on “Untitled.”

  1. So perfect, I support what you write, but it’s not true that “all men are same”, it depends on the mentality of a man. Due to some assholes we are being disgraced.


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