Turning point.

I believe everyone has this milestone in their lives. A time after which, everything changes-their beliefs , what they feel, how they feel it, thier ways..they themselves.

 It’s like life is marked in two phases-before this and after this.  For some people it may be something that happened to them -an incident,a person. It could be a heartbreak..it could be losing someone they loved..it could be falling in love but it happens and it is so powerful that it changes everything.

I feel that we can’t blame a person for changing or for being sad or for not feeling the way we expect them to feel because everyone has their own reasons. I don’t like people who judge other people based on what they heard or assumed.  We would never know what all they had to go through, how they passed it but the bottom line is-they made it. Through all the chaos, they made it. They are here living, healing and learning to love again and that’s enough.
Don’t try to change them or tell them how it is “supposed” to be done.
 Accept them as they are or let them go. 


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