Accept them.

Sometimes we fall in love and it is is everlasting. The kind we never fall out from, the kind that never fades away. The kind that we cannot forget, don’t want to forget. We can never compare what we had with them to anyone else because there’s know..just too much. 

We can try well and hard to get over it- as a matter of fact, we can try everything, but it all seems to go in vain when we see them again or hear thier voice or go back to the places we used to escape to with them.
 So what do we do now? Here is what I have realised- It is okay to not be over someone you loved once.  It is okay to sometimes cry when you see or read something that remindes you of them. We meet people so we can know them, remember them. Now it is our choice how to remember- always remember the good memories. Not always does it work out with everyone and that is okay. Accept it.  Ever thought that there could be a possibility that we are written to take the pieces of them with us and carrying them, as our own?
You don’t have to get over people or things. Accept them. Accept them as a part of your story and remember the rest is still unwritten.


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