Don’t settle.

Isn’t it crazy that sometimes,  the main goal of our lives becomes to find this one person who will be the centre of everything for us and like, everything we are going to do is going to be for this one person. And in time, we are going to depend on this one person for our happiness and they alone, would have the power to make us feel so much, about everything around us, about us ourselves. It is actually scary  if you sit back and think about it, that I am going to give all control of my life and my heart in another person’s hand and I don’t have any guarentee that he/she is going to take care of it, just a hope that they might. But we still do, right? Is that what love is? Giving someone the control over your heart, mind , body and being? 
   I have seen people change themselves, turning into a mess, entirely to be with this one person they say they can’t loose. The grades are falling, the fights are going up, joints are a routine now. How is this good for you? Ten years down the road and you will realise what all has happened and in life, there is no going back. Trust me, there isn’t. They are not good for you. Don’t you see it? Of course you don’t .
Let me tell you something-
Love is one of the purest forms of being. It makes you want to be different, better. It makes you work harder on yourself for the two of you. Love is when you are ready to put their needs ahead of you and not think twice about it, you do it because you want to and not because you need to.
Love is.. love.
If love is changing yourself for the sake of this person to stay,  or lying to the people who care , or faking smiles and saying you love teddy bears and chocolates, or getting ready every morning and going to a cafe hoping he/she would come – Darling, stop fooling yourself. You are fifteen, you are still young. There’s no rush in finding the one you want to marry. You will, eventually. Hold on till then. You do not have to push relationships when you don’t want to. 
Get to know yourself, take yourself shopping, meet new people. Do the things you thought you never would. Sit in coffee shops and read good literature, then go clubbing at night and kiss a stranger. Try new cuisines, step out of your comfort zone. Do whatever, just don’t settle.


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