One of my biggest dilemmas. 

Trying to get over someone or something is not as complicated as people make it seem. It is not finding someone else, a rebound, burning their pictures or returning the gifts they bought you- the only thing that you actually need to do is accept the mess, realise that things have changed and let go of the hurt.
Just because someone broke your heart or your trust doesn’t mean everyone will-But then again, is there any guarentee? That this new person won’t break your heart? What do you need to do to make people stay?
And that’s why you often choose the easier way out- lock love out of the door.
But then wouldn’t locking love out mean missing out on so much?
Maybe if once, you let go of yesterday, you could find more love than you have ever known.
^This is one of my biggest dilemmas so I am here sharing my realisations with you.
I have realised that the things that frighten me the most do not even have a physical form- they are feelings- love, lust, hate, trust- I believe they inflict the deepest wounds, invisible to the eye but damn do they not hurt.

People can hurt us- but it can only happen if we give them the power to.

Let people in, but don’t give yourself and your emotions away to EVERBODY because darling, you are so special and not everybody deserves your love. Sometimes, you meet people who turn your world upside down, they make you question things, they constantly push you to the edge and in the process, they assist you in discovering who you are and who you truly want to be. Those are the people you need to fight for.
 I need you to have faith, but not a blind one. A faith which enables you to see things as they are and in the clearer prespective. Open your eyes to the reality and don’t close them to the beauty of this world just yet because someone showed you the uglier side of things, know- there is a beautiful side too and you deserve to look at it and experience it and feel it with every peice of you.


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