Let magic happen.

The truth about leading with your heart is that it’s the scarier choice. It’s the risker option. More can go wrong when you take a leap instead of a look, when you love instead of hold back. When you feel instead of giving in to your fears- It’s the bolder choice.
When you decide to wear your heart on your sleeve and not be afraid of losing your peices, when you decide to come out raw instead of staying in the cocoon which other people forced you to confine yourself to, when you let your wings stretch and fly, high.
You remain loving in a world that is so often unkind. Never apologise for being this person. Never make your love or your feelings smaller just to protect yourself. Afterall, a heart that’s broke is a heart that has loved and been loved .
 Never repress what you want to shout from the rooftops and write on the skylines.
You are brave and bold and beautiful and I don’t want you to change that because people like you are rare and are needed-needed to remind people like us, who are scared to open up and let love in because of something that happened and should have been forgotten months ago but plays on repeat every night. To remind us that it’s okay to not know how to handle our hearts-because they are wild and strong but at the same time, are the most fragile creatures who are afraid to hold on or to let go.
To remind us of the beauty of feeling-feeling anything. To make us realise that things go wrong and then they turn out okay because it is a rollercoaster. And the only thing we actually need to do is relax, not stress over things and just, let them happen- Let the feelings and the rush fill our souls and run through our confused heads and tightly fisted hands, letting them breathe and finding their way to our hearts and fill us up completely. To help us to allow the magic to happen.
Sometimes, life is going to feel so long and crucial and other times, it would just slip right through your fingers. There are going to be moments of madness and those are the ones you’ll best remember. You’ll experince things- that will change everything.  You’ll meet people who will shake you to the roots.
You know, we are not going to take anything with us, just this- the memories, the feelings , the times- and I have realised that if I close myself to all this, I’ll be  locking myself out from the most beautiful things in life and I don’t want that. I want to live, love and take life as it comes to me.
I am not afraid anymore.
I am going to let the magic happen.


4 thoughts on “Let magic happen.”

  1. Just share to me the inspiration or experience who had before this write up. No I really want to know…
    You just wrote my timeline… This how I have been.
    No lies.. But every word is relatable.
    Gosh! Massive. Massive.💞


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