It has been a while since I wrote something, and this is not just a 2am thought or something I just came up with all of a sudden. It’s a realisation, it is something that I have thought about for a long time now, and this is an output of me trying to make sense of certain things and  failing miserably at it. I went to the point of trying to make sense of the things I was feeling, and the flooding emotions I was going through, reasons for abruptly doing certain things and not once did I end up getting anywhere. It was frustrating.

This article highlights my realisation.

Hope it connects.


“Evolution is chaos with feedback.” Joseph Ford said but behind the veil of apparent randomness, many processes are highly ordered and guided by direction.

Consider this, the scripted performance of madness by an actor may seem chaotic to the audience who is seeing him perform for the first time, they won’t understand what he is doing on stage, but the script determines it. i.e. It merely seems chaotic because of our ignorance. The moment we decide to connect the dots, we realise that what seemed to be apparent randomness- the acting by the actor- was actually an act which was highly ordered- backed by a powerful script. All we needed to do was decipher the hidden order in the chaos.
    However, nature prefers the theory of Yin and Yang, i.e. Order and chaos go hand in hand.

  Where there is order, there is bound to be chaos. A classic example to explain this would be that of a human heart. It keeps on beating in an orderly fashion billions of times, but there is chaos hiding and waiting to be unleashed by any trigger, such as a nervous breakdown or blockage in the artiers.
Let me explain my point, let’s take an example of a fibrillating heart. In a normal heart, the electrical signals transfer as a coordinated wave through the three dimension structure of the heart. However, in the case of a fibrillating heart, this wave breaks. It is a disorder and the heart will not stop fibrillating on it’s own. The only way to return the heart to its normal steady state is by introducing a jolt of electricity.

   // My basic purpose to tell this was that the heart can go from order to chaos and the only way to bring it back is by introducing a measured quantity of chaos.

  For as long as the world has inquired into the laws of nature, it has suffered a special ignorance about disorder in the atmosphere, in the turbulent sea, in the beating of the heart, and so have humans, in everything.
  The irregular side of nature, the discontinuous and the erratic side of things, has always been a puzzle to  everybody, and  to science too.
  However, now a days chaos has become a short hand name for the fast growing movement that has reshaped the very fabrics of the science establishment. And now that science is looking, chaos seems to be everywhere.

Now one of the most fundamental questions of science is that, how does order arise? In a universe held by entropy drawn closer and closer towards disorder, with the simplest of systems seeming to create the problems of predictability, and yet, Order arises. Order arises with chaos, together.

The universe is a one way street.

In today‘s world, in order to understand the true nature of things, it is important to accept the laws of chaos.

You see, our brains are constantly trying to find order in the chaos. That is why math was created, to make sense of the random digits and standardise them. Music was born, to create order between the beats, what we are trying to do is to make order out of the chaos, everytime. Not knowing is what scares us, the jumbled puzzle is the worst nightmare. We are afraid to take life as it comes to us and so, we come up with an act of pretence- a peice of make belief.

Earlier it was thought that nature works best on the principle of order and that chaos is bad for any system but the latest researches suggest that chaos is nature’s mechanism to cope up with change.
Chaos disturbes the system for a new order to emerge and in this way, helps the system to evolve and grow.
     My basic purpose of stressing upon the laws of science and taking everyday examples such as that of an actor’s performance and the beating of the human heart was to make you understand that a certain amount of  chaos, confusion, disorder is necessary for anything to work. Be it science, your life, relationships, or you yourself. Unless there is a certain amount of disturbance and turbulence, life won’t be true and if you ask me, I see chaos as a necessity.

The rush of adrenaline filling us up when we do something exciting is necessary; the things that create a spark in us are necessary; the race of electricity at the simple sight of a person is necessary. Do you think that falling in love is something a person plans? Imagine yourself making pie charts and stats before falling in love with your best friend. Doesn’t work that way, does it? It just, happens. You don’t have control over certain things and that is okay. Somethings are not meant to be controlled and many a times in the midst of controlling certain emotions, we unknowingly gain more of them. Somethings are just utter non sense and complete madness. But then again, they are necessary. The chaos is necessary.

You see, life is all about moments of impact. The few minutes of utter confusion and randomness change everything, the decisions we make then, they change everything.
And I have realised that they are necessary. The chaos, the confusion; the ruckus is necessary.

We fight battles between the mind and the heart and the things we already know and the things that we are actually feeling because the human soul is reckless, to be honest.
“And what about our heart?” Well, Our heart is chaos.


2 thoughts on “Chaos. ”

  1. That’s how it is, if u read Da Vinci code, u’ll come across that Yin Yang just doesn’t ends there, it’s depicts female and male circulation, if one slows down. chaos occurs. Beautiful Naina:)


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